Shave for the Brave 2017 - Shave for the Brave 2017
Welcome to Brittany Shaw's page

Welcome to my online fundraising page!

I am participating in the Shave for the Brave. Please support me! Your online donations are made over a secure connection and you will automatically be emailed a tax receipt.

This cause is so important to me. My step grandmother passed away of cancer after fighting for 7 hard and long years. I am starting to have medical issues myself that causes many things, and one side effect happens to be loss of hair. I have realized that hair is something so many people with cancer miss, and I have always just taken it for granted. Shaving my head will represent me saying that you don't need hair to be worth something or be beautiful, we all are important to this world.

Almost 7,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year in Canada, that’s about 19/day.

All donations to the Shave for the Brave help Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) provide programs to help this "forgotten generation."

For more information, check out and Have a question? Email YACC at or call 877-571-7325.

Thank you for your generous support!