Shave for the Brave 2017 - Shave for the Brave 2017
Welcome to Jill St. Croix's page

Welcome to my online fundraising page!

As many of you know, my dad has been diagnosed with malignant malenoma. This is a very aggressive form of cancer that has since spread to his liver and lungs. Dad is currently having treatments at the Cancer Clinic in the HSC.  I've been with him through surgeries, Dr appointments, treatments, and hospital stays due to side effects of the treatments.  

When you go the Cancer Clinic, you realize just how much cancer there is in our tiny Province.  The chairs/beds for treatments don't get a chance to get cold as there's a steady stream of people coming to be hooked up and have drugs pumped into their system.  I want to try to help... So, my hair (safety blanket/ginger fro) will just have to go!  

I am participating in the Shave for the Brave. Please support me! Your online donations are made over a secure connection and you will automatically be emailed a tax receipt.

All donations to the Shave for the Brave help Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) provide programs to help this "forgotten generation."

For more information, check out and Have a question? Email YACC at or call 877-571-7325.

Thank you for your generous support!