Shave for the Brave 2018 - Shave for the Brave 2018
Welcome to Alyssa Dickey's page

Welcome to my online fundraising page!

I am participating in the Shave for the Brave. Please support me! Your online donations are made over a secure connection and you will automatically be emailed a tax receipt.

This cause is so important to me. Over 8,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year in Canada, that’s just over 22/day.  I was diagnosed in 2010 with and incurable  blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma.  I made it through chemo followed by autologus stem cell transplant.  I recovered and went back to living my life and accomplishing goals and dreams.  Unfortunately my cancer has come back and I've started treatment for a relapse. I am personally connected to YACC and have found a great support network.

Before chemo takes my hair this time I decided I wanted to turn it into positive and donate it through Shave for the Brave, where it will become a wig for a young cancer patient.  Along with my hair I would like to add a financial donation.  Not asking for much but think about a small gesture like donating your coffee money for the week!  Big cut will take place beginning of December!

All donations to the Shave for the Brave help Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) provide programs to help this "forgotten generation."

For more information, check out and Have a question? Email YACC at or call 877-571-7325.

Thank you for your generous support!