Shave for the Brave 2019 - Shave for the Brave 2019
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Hey Everyone, please read below and help us out at JBHS!

I am participating in the Shave for the Brave. Please support me! Your online donations are made over a secure connection and you will automatically be emailed a tax receipt.

I made a challenge to all my students. The student who raises the most money will get to be the person who shaves my head.  As they are shaving I will direct them to be as creative as possible with the design they shave. 

We all have family and friends impacted by cancer. Some are lucky enough to beat this horrible disease, but so many more are not. So let's support the worthy cause! Thank you so very much!

For more information, check out and Have a question? Email YACC at or call 877-571-7325.

Thank you for your generous support!