Shave for the Brave 2019 - Shave for the Brave 2019
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I am asking for your support!

On Sunday, May 26th I will be participating in the 2019 Shave for the Brave and shaving my head to raise awareness and funds for Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC)

Our children face many challenges as they enter adulthood…. completing an education, pursuing a career or starting a family. Imagine how difficult these years can be when also having to cope with cancer. Over 8,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year in Canada, that’s just over 22/day.

When we listen to their stories, we are told how beneficial and comforting it can be to establish and maintain connections with other young adults who are facing similar struggles. While the support they receive from medical professionals and family members is critical, the inspiration and strength derived from relationships within their peer group is invaluable. There is a well defined need to provide social networks, events and conferences so young adult cancer survivors can share their journeys and get through these difficult times together. This is the work of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC).

YACC provides a unique platform for young adult cancer survivors to connect with one another and overcome the social isolation that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. It does this by creating social networks, web-based services, community events, conferences and survivor retreats at both local and national levels.

Please join me as I pursue my goal of raising $25,000

Thank you for your generous support!

Doug Chafe

Phone: 709.730.8718


All donations to the Shave for the Brave help Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) provide programs to help this "forgotten generation." Your online donations are made over a secure connection and you will automatically be emailed a tax receipt.

For more information, check out and Have a question? Email YACC at or call 877-571-7325.